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Connecting is good, and with digital technology
connecting is easy.

EcoEarth  Uniting cultures through an enriching participatory experience


Meet the startup team;
they optimistically believe that a more-natural pathway
rd womens empowerment lies in a collaborative approach that unites 
economic development, environmental sustainability, micro-lending
and the n
ext generation of solar thermal technology

Please consider joining them in EcoEarths virtual build-out

Core team; pre-launch

Keith D Maust and Gloria A Sardinha

Co-Founders; Lakeland Highlands, Florida USA

Since 1997 Gloria and Keith have been life and business partners.

Their vision is to spark a micro-movement of village-based ventures. 

They seek to forge an expanded team around individuals who
are energetically enthusiastic about advancing womens financial
and social empowerment ut
ilizing solar thermal technology.

Rev. Dr. Christina Winsey

Strategic Advisor; Sarasota, Florida USA

Dr. Winsey provides global-wide executive consultation,
offering a wide spectrum of corporate and nonprofit service
and is a sought-after expert by high-achieving women.

Instinctively gifted in the healing arts and professions, 
ev. Winseys spiritual calling is assisting both individuals as
as organizations to fulfill their ultimate potential.

Moving beyond Westernized thinking and beliefs,
v. Dr. Winsey brings her deeply intuitive-sensitivity 
to the emotional or professional renewal of others.

Salvador Briggman

Crowdfunding Consultant; New York City USA

Briggman is a seasoned veteran of advising startups
on crowd
-funding campaigns, providing critical insights
regarding colla
teral creation, marketing preparation and
dance on a multitude of pre-launch best practices.

Founder of several online informational websites
and author of numerous books, publications and videos
on funding, he is also an avid blogger and podcaster.

Briggman recently started a Kiva social-lending campaign
to help
better lives in his country of origin - El Salvador.

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