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The Community

Join a culturally diverse virtual-village,
a female-friendly business framework,
advisory board and investors supporting 
women-led enterprise startup teams

Help create viral-like social media
buzz simply by sharing our inspiring
vision during awareness campaign

A global-wide invitation to women

EcoEarth  Investing in the assets of collaboration and inclusion

The Community

The capacity to care
is the thing that gives life its deepest meaning

Early-stage team building

EcoEarth Concepts is currently seeking to form its Board of Directors and an 
advisory board to oversee the development of its non-profit initiative to India. 


EcoEarth is inviting well-matched pre-launch core team members to join now. 

EcoEarth seeks village-relations intermediaries and partnering organizations
with seasoned understanding of political, social and economic in-country realities. 


EcoEarth seeks specialized logistical intermediaries to take a leadership role
in helping form a community of early-adopter villages; formulating collaborative 
and creative ways of developing and implementing successful startup strategies;
solving challenges of delivery transport within under-developed infrastructure;
urban and rural networking, markets and e-commerce. 

EcoEarth also seeks all persons interested in helping who are enthusiastic
about this project and willing to text, e-mail or post links to our non-fund-raising
60-second int
roduction video presenting EcoEarths vision of empowerment. 

EcoEarth welcomes inquiries by all like-minded individuals and organizations.

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