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"Launching a startup that vastly exceeds your
expertise requires believing that the universe will 
support you in a way that you cannot foresee.

EcoEarth  When gradual realization becomes accelerated enlightenment

Keith D Maust, Founder

Startup and Entrepreneurial Experience


Keith has been a ground floor partner in several startups
as well as founding a leadership development program built 
round extreme adventure trips to exotic destinations for
of physically challenged and at-risk teens.

As a new-product developer and independent inventor,
Keith is most energetic when connecting and collaborating
other individuals who are developing technology.

He has a hard-won reputation for assuring startups stay
lean, organic and hyper-focused.

 Keith is co-founder of NewSpirit Scuba, which is currently developing the Newba MikroLung
  adaptive innovation designed specifically for wounded veterans with multiple amputations. 

 As a ground-floor partner at SolarDirect, the renewable industrys first e-commerce startup,
  Keith developed The Energy SuperMarket, offering 500+ products and generating $3.8M yearly,
  along with corresponding 600+ page eco-educational site attracting over 1.2M visitors yearly.

 In 2017 Keith was a key team member of the now rapidly-scaling startup SolarBuyers.Club 

 As owner of TRUST Communication, an agency-level-quality full service advertising studio,
  Keith has 27+ years experience as business principle managing major accounts and campaigns.

Career Highlights and Accomplishments

Keiths most rewarding position was serving for nine years as Director of Communications
at a worldwide nonprofit where the highlight of his calling was producing documentaries in remote

emerging-world locations to promote constituent engagement and increase fund-raising. 

While supervising corporate communications department he implemented a bold international
media strateg
y, introducing fresh vision, leadership and innovative thinking to severely outdated
communications through several major initiatives.

rlier in Keiths career he specialized in high-end 8-color printing, corporate identity packages,
branding, advertising, along with art and photography direction.

Qualifications Brief

Keiths proficiency for prototyping innovative concepts originates with his first career as
a precision machinist and x-ray quality welder of exotic alloys for the nuclear power industry,
performing fabrication and final assembly of specialized test models for experimental 
high-pressure submarine reactor designs under DoD secu
rity clearance.

Keiths gifts of inventive visualization, creativity and documentary-based storytelling were
honed during his second career while serving in advertising agencies and public relation firms.

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