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The Pilot Program

Himachal Pradesh, India

EcoEarth  Connecting womens empowerment and environmental sustainability

The Pilot Program

Solar Beyond Borders

Economic Development Vision

India has the key componen
for EcoEarths employment generating enterprises -
an entrepreneurial-minded culture

Indias north-central region 
has villages where three crucial criteria are all in alignment;
ty solar generation, struggling rural economies with
rant urban markets in close easily-accessible proximity

Location: Himachal Pradesh;
ral village of Manali - coupled with urban New Delhi

Each micro-enterprise will have its pre-launch seed-round raised through EcoEarth’s dedicated crowdfunding platform with follow-on funding for training, equipment, and materials advanced through global micro-lending initiatives.

Each micro-enterprise will be supported by a dedicated public relations team, along with a cross-cultural internship team assisting in leadership training. 

Each mic
-enterprise will have its initial business growth accelerated through remote-based promotional teams that facilitate crowd-funding and social lending,
village-to-urban marketing campaigns and e-commerce wholesale networking. 

Each mic
enterprise will execute a social media campaign that generates
a dedicated sponsorship base through compelling online digital story-telling.

micro-enterprise will document village intrigue as their business venture
takes root
- giving a personalized voice to each woman’s uplifting journey while
contrasting their past struggles against their improving quality-of-life. 

Each mic
-enterprise will be fully-gifted manufacturing and ownership rights. 

Future expansion of pilot program to locations where three essential criteria are in alignment:

Caribbean Islands; Puerto Rico - rural Pole Ojea and urban Cabo Rojo 
Central America; El Salvador- rural La Palma and urban San Salvador 
East Central Africa; Burundi- rural Cibitoke and urban Bujumbura

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