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- Mahatma Gandhi

“The future of India lies
in its villages

EcoEarth  Mindfully linking an ancient past with a modern future


Providing village-appropriate
f-grid economic development utilizing
rapidly-scalable solar innovation

EcoEarths advancements in technology have not been attained 
by designing
intricate systems encumbered with high-tech complexity
through a sweeping series of high-concept simplifications

EcoEarth Concepts is a micro-venture with an expansive vision. 

EcoEarth is poised to launch a truly pioneering renewable breakthrough specifically designed to establish women-led businesses and employment -
a humanitarian
effort that simultaneously
helps to connect cultures.

EcoEarths Phase I has self-funded the engineering, patenting, fabrication
and successful testing of early-stage prototypes. Array concept illustrations,
materials research, market analysis and business planning are in progress.

Soft-launch strategy

EcoEarths Phase II will entail the formation of a Board of Directors as well as 
key ground-floor team members who will oversee technical development while 
also managing the humanitarian-focused womens empowerment initiative. 

Ensuing short-term technical objectives include proof-of-theory evaluation, 
proof-of-concept and user-experience prototyping, followed by production-level
modeling and formulation of coinciding workflow processes and procedures. 

Board members will be enthusiastically committed to
EcoEarths mission 
of improving womens quality-of-life through business ownership and low-skill 
employment; delivering ethical living wages under healthy work conditions. 

Savvy, involved, high-performing board members will guide the organization
as it executes the expansive vision of this high-impact philanthropic venture.


Their early-stage role will be strategizing a female-friendly business framework
designed to showcase women-led entrepreneurial teams, guiding pilot program
teams as they scale, serving to link teams with partnership connections, mentors,
social media, marketing and legal support as well as female micro-investors. 


These thought leaders will bring professional expertise, depth of knowledge
and the well seasoned world-view required to expand reach and impact. 

Please consider your role in assisting EcoEarth’s pilot project build-out.

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