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The Technology

Next-generation solar thermal

EcoEarth  Reinventing the under-developed solar thermal model

The Innovation

EcoEarth is developing a solar thermal system
specifically for low-skill / low-tech fabrication

Requiring only a basic-skill threshold, production involves minimal light-duty manual labor;
off-grid fabrication is accomplished with solar-rechargeable electric hand-held tools using templates -
with a one-bond a
dhesive and mistake proof self-locating snap-fit final assembly

Challenging the logic of everything

EcoEarth has achieved the first total re-think of solar thermal technology, 
cleanly discarding the industry
s entrenched forty-year-old obsolete concept 
of massive monolithic collector
s -
by re-engineering from the ground up. 

EcoEarth is developing a modular array utilizing interlocking micro-collectors; 
these laptop-sized collectors are independent ultra-thin-profile units that couple 
together to form an assemble-and-install-it-yourself array configuration. 

EcoEarths signature innovation is its cohere-assembly process which allows 
a reduction in size from the conventional collector
s 10 inch thickness down to an
astonishing 3
/4” with linear dimensions amazingly reduced from 4’x10’ to 2’x2’. 

Conventional systems require extensive packing in hand-built 6x12’ wood crates 
and are restricted to shipping via freight carrier lift-gate equipped
trailer trucks. 

EcoEarths system delivers globally via FedEx/UPS to virtually any destination. 

Balcony-mount system ships with 12 collectors inside 2’ square cardboard box
Install-it-yourself kit provides stored domestic hot water for family of five.

Re-conceptualizing everything

EcoEarths second conceptually ingenious innovation is its densely-packed 
serpentine style maze-path wit
hin each micro-collector; every collector unit’s flow 
interconnects in sequence, unifying all collectors, thus forming one continuous 
cascading maze-path throughout the entire arra
y -
maximizing performance. 

Delaying the water within the system dramatically multiplies thermal capture; 
conventional collectors are designed for the water to travel in a straight path only 
allowing heat to absorb for a few seconds within a
7’ section of copper piping. 

EcoEarths array retains water for several minutes within 70’ of maze-path - 
enabling minimizing of surface area while generating far superior thermal capture. 

Integrating the micro-collectors water flow-path directly into the core of the 
substratum transforms the entire collector unit into one composite absorber plate -
creating an extremely efficient heat sink which completely encases the flow.

Radical simplification of everything

Over 70 heavy, bulky and costly parts used in conventional systems are discarded. 

Completely eliminated are expensive copper header manifolds, copper riser tubes 
and the copper absorber plate, along with the unwieldy 4’x10’ sheet of tempered glass 
that is shatter-prone and problematic-to-ship, along with a huge storage tank. 

s re-configured system requires only
two identical off-the-shelf components,
with the collector substratum utilizing
zero internal components or moving parts. 

EcoEarths subsequent low-cost purchasability helps ensure rapid scalability while
simultaneously lowering energy consumption and reducing environmental impact. 

oEarth has re-conceptualized solar thermal in the truly creative, 
common-sense manner it initially should have been forty years ago.

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