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The Concept

Establish organically-scaled enterprises
preserving culture, ensuring low-disruption
to complexities of village life, yet giving 
women a more-equal footing with men

Micro-ventures founded by women

Business ownership and employment
among entrepreneurial-minded women; 
training, tools and material provided

EcoEarth  Creating new value for outmoded technologies

The Opportunity

Solar thermal flat-plate collectors, a theoretically beneficial renewable energy 
technology is one of America’s most under-developed products and is abnormally 
under-performing in
a stagnated U.S. sector - yet exploding in global markets. 

World-wide, this is a technology requiring factory-based manufacturing that is 
increasingly moving toward robotic assembly lines with automated laser welding; 
yet it still remains logistically problematic to package, ship, wa
rehouse and deliver, 
also requiring professional installation
s - with resultant high-cost-of-purchase. 

hs high-concept/low-tech innovation now makes product production 
realistically feasible within regions of the globe where creating business ownership 
and employment opportunities for underp
rivileged women is critically important. 


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